Welcome. If you’ve come here, either I’ve told you about this or you’ve stumbled upon this by some other means. This isn’t some campaign that has Pokemon rules shoehorned in, or trying to use the god-awful mess that is the Pokemon Tabletop Adventures.

This is my attempt to create a brand new homebrew system that correctly places the focus on the Pokemon, based on my own vision. Why not Tabletop Adventures? I have a few reasons (Technical MACHINES is canon, not Medicine is among them), but on this page all I will say is that I strongly dislike it.

all information below and on this wiki is under development and is subject to change.

I have a few goals for this homebrew, ambitious as they may be. In no particular order:


  • Focus should be mainly on the Pokemon, with Humanity and Psychics generally relegated to support positions
  • Less than 100 Level Cap
    • Moves are chosen from a Move Pool at certain levels, rather than specific moves learned at specific levels
    • Egg Moves are only available if a Pokemon is attained from a Breeder, and are only in the move pool at Level 1
      • Egg Moves greatly increase the cost of the Pokemon attained from a Breeder.
  • Allow Pokemon (and, by extension, their Trainers) to specialize their abilities
    • Of the Technique Slots available, there will be a Primary Technique Slot and a Secondary Technique Slot, with bonuses to the Techniques in these slots (Ash’s Pikachu using Volt Tackle is an example of a Primary Technique—it is used constantly, and his Pikachu is therefore more proficient with the move than it might otherwise be).
      • Primary and/or Secondary Techniques take some time to learn—it is not instant. It takes work that pays off in the end.
  • Allow for more than 1v1 Pokemon matches, or even 2v2 or 3v3. I want to allow Golden Sun style matches, both for and against the heroes (party of trainers with ALL of their Pokemon used simultaneously against an angry group of Pokemon)

Baseline Humans:

  • Pokemon should always outstrip the unarm(ored) Humans at all but low levels.
  • Humans have technology to narrow the power gap, but Pokemon are always more powerful
    • Types of Armaments include Energy Weapons, Shielding technology based on Pokemon Techniques, Teleportation, and mental Psionic Shielding for Baseline Humans.
    • Note that Dark-type Pokemon can pass through nearly all current Baseline Human shielding technology, because Shielding tech is based on Psychic/Pokemon Techniques.

Psychic Humans:

  • Psychics have Psionic Powers to level the playing field, and are slightly more effective than armed or armored humans, but their Pokemon are slightly weaker than a Baseline Human’s, assuming all other factors are equal
    • Examples of Psionic Powers Include Psychic blasts, Psychic Defense Barriers (Similar to Humanity’s Force Fields and Pokemon Barriers/Light Screens), Psionic mental attack (Versus other Psychics, Baseline Humans, and Pokemon), Telepathy, Telekineseis, Psionic Shielding, and Psionic Coordination among others.
    • Dark-type Pokemon are immune to the positive and negative effects of ALL Psionic powers.
    • Psionic Energy causes interference in technology, rendering most Baseline Human technology utterly useless to Psychics.
  • High-tech/futuristic technology. Humanity had access to electricity earlier in the Pokemon world, so inventions should be more advanced than us (see PC, teleport pads, etc).
  • power/accuracy mix, instead of just power. ie sniping moves (high accuracy, low Rate of Fire ie Thunderbolt, the ’beam collection, etc), bum-rushing moves (Rollout, etc), careful moves, spray and pray moves (high damage, short-range, wide area of effect [shotgun effect] ie Surf) , etc

Trainer Classes:


Most Trainers do not have dedicated classes. Instead, what makes them unique are the Feats that they can choose every few levels. Dedicated Breeders may choose feats that enable them to perform their jobs more easily, while Combat Trainers may choose feats that enable them to support their Pokemon better. While more martial Trainers might choose feats that enable them to engage the enemy alongside their Pokemon.


Psychics gain fewer feats than Humans, but make up for it with their range of powers. Every few levels, a Psychic will have the option of obtaining another power, upgrading a current power, or choosing a feat (Choosing/Upgrading powers is more common than choosing the option of taking a feat). One Psychic might have more punch from their Pokemon, but have weaker powers, while another Psychic might have weaker Pokemon, but make up for it by unleashing their powers upon their opponents.

Things that I would like to add but are quite a ways out:

  • Contests
  • Expanded rules for air to air combat
  • Subterranean movement/combat (resulting in a possible three-theater engagement theater—surface, subterranean, and air—plus water, if there is any)

Needless to say, this will all take some time. I will do my best to finish this in a timely manner, but this is mostly a fun project for myself that I’m starting after I realized there wasn’t really a Pokemon d20 system out there. And, after doing some looking, I’m still not convinced that there’s a good Pokemon d20 system out there.

So this is my humble attempt to bring things together, in my own unique style.

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